I’m going back to Monday, 8/8/2022. It started out as just another day.

It’s back to work at jobs we may or may not like. We start out our weekly routine. Back in the day, my aunt would have her cleaning schedule. Mondays would be laundry. Tuesday would be dusting. Wednesday would be bathroom cleaning and so on and so on.

It was a routine. I know I talked about this before, but I still struggle with my new routine.

Every day is just another day for me. What I don’t get done or feel like doing, I can always do it tomorrow. And, by chance, if tomorrow never comes for me (and some day it won’t), oh well! Will anyone realize that I didn’t vacuum or dust? Well, maybe they’ll notice the dust, because I hate it.

But on this particular day I had to write a check to pay a bill… and then it hit me. August 8 was our wedding anniversary. We would have been married 23 years, but together as a couple for 28 years. This is the second anniversary without him. I specifically chose this date (8/8/99), so he would remember… but he never did. He was just bad with dates. While these are just numbers and dates, the day is still important to me.

I might look through our wedding album and chuckle at how dark Steve’s hair was, or how skinny I was. And then I’ll look at the photos of the people there, and reminisce about that day, who was there, who is gone and cry – hopefully good tears. It was a great day. We were surrounded by those we loved the most, in our back yard, underneath a garden trellis. I wore pink, Steve wore dark green trousers. We were married on a Sunday and on Monday, we left for our honeymoon in Bermuda.

These days… they all have a number assigned to them, but it’s most important to remember the day… And smile 😊

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