Every now and then, I’ll hear my daughter sing these obscure songs from the past, TV shows we haven’t watched in decades, if ever. All of a sudden, she’s singing away.

Her latest was from the Partridge Family, “C’mon Get Happy.” I pulled it up on YouTube and for quite a few moments, we were getting happy… giggly happy.

And don’t we all wish, that just for those cherished and precious moments, we can all be happy and giggly without anyone thinking we were being juvenile or childish in our reactions? We should all hope to be childlike to keep our quest for life and be inquisitive to keep us going.

Well, in early January, I did a thing! And in case you didn’t read my previous post, I wrote about my resolutions, that I broke the bank and got a new car. Among other things, am I happy?

I’m so proud, not sure that I’m truly happy yet. Here’s the deal… I took the leap! New year! Caution to the wind!

So I should be happy, right? I wake up every day, my health is good, I take care of my daughter. I’m retired. I have a sweet new ride. My life is still the same almost everyday, except that Steve’s not here.

I’m keeping up with the house, the yard, the bills. I keep chugging along but even though I might seem happy, I’m still only trying to be happy. All the changes I’ve made around the house, it’s basically busy work. It keeps me occupied and focused on other things. Otherwise, I would always be sad.

There will be moments when I’m doing something , then I’ll just break down and cry because I miss him so much.

But, as I continue with my conversations with Steve and bring them to fruition, I am happy… for fulfilling our goals and dreams. I’m not going off the deep end and trying to be someone I’m not. This was in our plans. I know plans change. I’m realistic. After all, my plans were to have Steve here with me into at the very least, my 70’s, his 80’s. But that changed.

But, I’m happy with my decisions. I don’t know that I’ll ever be Partridge Family “C’mon Get Happy,” but I’m going to keep trying! 🎶

You all know you are going to google that song now! 🎶

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