Don’t we all? After we have loved someone so much for so long, of course we would want them back in a heartbeat.

Yes, I am a rom-com junkie. I believe in eternal love. And even though our lives don’t reflect it every day, it’s there.

I remember many mini surprises with Steve. I’m not sure how to approach this because there was a series of tumultuous events going on in my personal life, but they led me to him. Every other weekend, when I was off from work, and he was off, and my kids were at their dad’s, we would plan our weekends together. I remember specifically packing up my Plymouth Sundance with all the necessities for the weekend, and not telling him where we were going.

We ended up in a cabin at a local park, French Creek State Park. He just loved it! It didn’t take much to make him happy – for him, it was all about the adventure and the surprise. I would trade it all to have that moment back, because he loved it so much – being in a cabin, with the bare essentials. I loved seeing him in his element. As strange as this may sound, he was from another county in Pennsylvania where there was a bar on every corner and life was a little different from the life we had together in the suburbs. So this was like a happy medium, a perfect getaway retreat for just the two of us.

Make sure every relationship closes with a harmonious future. Because you might need their voice to hear you.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, while I’ll always want Steve back, and I know he is still by my side in a sense, take a look at what you should be doing to make each other happy. Try to avoid “wanting” your person back, because at some point, you won’t get the chance to change it.

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