It doesn’t apply to me directly, but some marketing agents took a poll about what people would like as single individuals.

Frozen dinners have been around as long as I can remember, in the 60’s… I recall Swansons… do they make them still? I had a mother who could work and bring home the bacon. So lucky, because we were a family of 7 kids that spanned 12 years from start to finish. Okay, I’m going to state the obvious but it’s true… we are Catholic and while my dad was an atheist, they raised us as Catholic. My mom was an only child and always wanted 9 children! 

Steve and I loved to cook, grill, and try new recipes. Now that Steve is gone, I’m noticing some new things about how meals are prepared for just one person.

Seems we used to buy a jar of pickles, they would be gone in a matter of months. They now package a lot of things in individual portions. Want some olives? Don’t need a can of 5.75 oz. That would be in my fridge forever. But I can now buy a 4 pack, vacuum sealed to what I’ve only only need with one kind at a time. 

Rice… mac & cheese… olives… pickles… you name it — you can get it in individual sealed portions! It may cost a little more but as I’m finding out, it’s difficult to make a meatloaf and not have it for many days before I freeze it. And waste is unheard of in this household! 

I don’t know if this was related to portion control… the single side… time is of the essence… whoever asks if you’re a widow/widower. But I find it good to know, that maybe by 2023, all those cans and bottles will be used before they expire. We looked at ourselves as being frugal, not cheap. There is a difference. And I know I went to Steve many times and said “ we need to use this or make it”, and whether he wanted it or not… it was all good!

I have so many dressings, jams, butters, salsas, from all the places we went. My supply is probably good for… years.

So, as this is my “after Thanksgiving thoughts”, but I’m not sure what my mental and emotional status will be just after Thanksgiving, and preparing for Christmas. 

Use those jams, jellies, oils, and spreads… the ones that were purchased during your adventure. Don’t be cheap, be frugal, there is no better a special occasion as now. Time is a gift. 

Notice what is in your pantry and make an effort to use it. Maybe it was bought during an adventure with someone who is no longer here but in our heavy hearts. And that means there’s still a part of them here. 

Let us bring on the holiday season!

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