Grief… this is what made me start my blog. I realized one day that everything I was feeling or thinking, maybe others were thinking the same thing. Was this thought okay? My hope for this blog is not to tell anyone how they should feel after losing a loved one, but rather how I’m feeling on any particular day or moment, and this may help you feel like you are not alone. And you may feel differently than I do on any particular day or moment, and that’s okay. There is no right or wrong way to feel about anything. I have just recently lost Stephen, my husband of 21 years. This is why I grieve. He was my plus one, my “Lucky,” and my soulmate. He was snatched from me due to something I couldn’t control no matter how hard we tried.

My hope is to not only deal with the grief that comes with losing my husband, but to also give you some comfort as you hear my story, think about your story, and realize that you are not alone. Even if I may never see you or cross paths, please know that all of our grief is real and as I deal with mine, hopefully this will help you navigate through yours by reading this. And you’ll be okay. Just a different version of yourself, a newer model – too bad you don’t come with a manual.

I will try to share all my thoughts and emotions as they come – and they may be random at times. But I hope you’ll get to know me and identify in some way with what we’ve all gone through. I’m not an expert on anything… a degree in grief isn’t something that exists, and even if it did, it’s not something I would plan on getting. I’m just a wife in love who has lost her husband. And I hope that in sharing my experience, we might be able to connect and heal together. No one really tells you how to handle grief until it actually happens – it’s almost too taboo, or too sensitive of a topic, even though it’s something we all must go through eventually. So we forge ahead as best we see fit, making it up as we go – because instructions are not included.

One thought on “Just Getting Started

  1. Words can not do the emotions justice, so please pardon my fumbling them.

    Firstly, I am sorry for your loss.

    Society in general just doesn’t want to deal with death, and thus many people who do care don’t really have a clue where to start, so they do nothing. At least that is my experience being twice a widower.

    If you ever want someone else to listen, I’m here.

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